Creating coaches ready to coach

Let`s Grow | Coaching Academy is an 8-month coaching school where you become a professional coach, ready to enter the market. Our program goes through all types of coaching and focuses on intensive real-time practice, guided by the academy founders and mentors – Iuliana Pielmuș, Laurențiu Horubeț & Olga Udrea.

Coaching grows us as humans and professionals

After decades of coaching and mentoring experience at the highest level, we wanted to share our knowledge in the best way possible. Our credential is built on real experience in consulting, management and executive experience in companies like Vodafone, Adobe, PwC and Telekom but also on our academic training (London School of Economics & Political Science, Case Western Reserve University, Penn University) and our ICF certifications. We know coaching is a very powerful tool which can do harm if not understood and practiced by the ICF standards.

That is why we are fully responsible for the training curriculum and are accrediting it as an ACTP program (learn more about ACTP). We believe coaching helps us grow. As individuals, professionals, human beings and as a society. That is why our name – Let`s Grow – is a simple and direct call to action towards growth.

Why Let`s Grow | Coaching Academy? Because practice makes perfect

As we fully and consistently support the ICF standards in coaching, we not only train participants to have a deep understanding and strong capability of the ICF core competencies, we also offer the opportunity to have 25 logged coaching hours, out of the 100 necessary for the ACC ICF credential, by the end of the program. We make sure we deliver on our promise for you to be come a coach ready to coach.


1/4 ICF Credential
necessary hours

Learn about ICF Certification

Let`s Grow is a coaching community

Finding coaching clients after getting certified can be difficult. Not with us. After program graduation, we offer the opportunity to our participants to deliver coaching sessions within multinational companies that have agreed to partner with us. This way, our participants can start practicing coaching and building their client network immediately after graduation.

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