Welcome to the Let`s Grow | Coaching Academy experience

This coaching academy is a journey inside yourself and all that makes you you.

  • You will enter the magical world of coaching in a supportive, safe and challenging environment, with a group of participants carefully selected by our experienced team.
  • You will first learn the basics of coaching and practice starts in day one. We believe ours is an academy of doing and being, while knowing.
  • You will practice coaching with your colleagues and get to know them and yourself much better in the process.
  • You will go through 7 different modules, each with its own flavour and challenges. It will be fun and tough, fast and slow, joyful and intense. It will not be a walk in the park.
  • You will exit the academy as a coach ready to coach and as a better leader and human being. We are strongly convinced of these outcomes because they are all confirmed by our participants.

months of redefining who you are

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