Our program approach

The person-centred development theory lies at the heart of our learning and teaching approach. The sessions are highly interactive and comprised of instructional training, guided discovery, personal reflection and pair/group reflective debrief of learnings, with exercises and activities that support adult learning theories.

Upholding the principle of self-determination and actualisation of person-centred development, we enable participants to assume full ownership of their learning journey, supported by the program mentors and peer-mentors who will oversee and provide feedback on module activity, progress, assignments and individual coaching practice after the module.

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Participant benefits


Learn from the

25% of ICF
coaching log

Practice coaching
after graduation

7 modules

2 full days for each module

8 months

160 hours of training and mentoring

25 certified ICF practice hours

12 participants

4 individual coaching & mentoring hours for each participant

1/4 ICF Credential necessary hours

Program Enrolment

The program cost is €6000 and can be flexibly paid in instalments. Payment terms will be discussed and agreed individually and set into a legally-binding contract upon admission.

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